Malteser International


Malteser International was launched in June 2005 as the Order of Malta’sworldwide relief service by bringing together the human, material and financial resources of the Order’s 46 National Associations, thereby strengthening its global network on 5 continents.

Malteser International’s mission is to provide humanitarian emergency aid in all parts of the world, including medical emergency relief measures, as well as long-term rehabilitation and development programs. It aims at reducing the vulnerability and poverty of those in need by continuing its relief efforts in afflicted areas for as long as they are necessary. Some 200 projects in over 40 countries in Africa, Asia, America and Europe are carried out by more than 100 international and 800 local employees, thus ensuring that Malteser International's aid reaches over seven million people. Diplomatic representations in more than 100 countries and observer missions to the United Nations and other intergovernmental organisations facilitate and support the Order of Malta’s worldwide humanitarian action.

Malteser International is committed to quality in humanitarian aid. Christian values and the humanitarian principles of impartiality and independence are the foundation of its work.

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  • Malteser International replaced in 2005 the Emergency Corps of the Order of Malta: "ECOM"
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